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Renewable Energy Consulting

We are a Lagos based renewable energy consultancy, and we are highly passionate about living and working sustainably! Our ESG and Sustainability consulting services help public and private sector clients ensure long-term value in their sustainable development achievements.

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Sustainability and Renewable Energy Engineering 

We are a team of highly experienced energy professionals with proven experience in developing, financing, constructing and operating a number of utility scale wind and solar projects, across Sub-Saharan Africa, together with development of commercial solar and grid connected battery storage systems in Western Africa.

The green energy consultants Nigerian homeowners and Businesses have relied on since 2014

We support clients from diverse sectors with ESG program development, from benchmarking peers, facilitating materiality assessments, and program planning to program implementation, evaluation, reporting training and reporting. 

Our unique, strategic and whole-systems approach to ESG and sustainability involves deep knowledge of compliance, best practices and management systems, along with manufacturing operations and business strategies. 

Experienced project professionals within the energy sector; ranging from renewable energy, power transmission and distribution, telecommunications and mining.

Large Scale Wind Farm

Men-Dem's engineering team supported the development of a 80MW Wind Farm in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, which is currently awaiting a final investment decision to proceed.

Large Scale Solar Farm

Men-Dem used our experience to support the development of a 10MW Solar Farm in Jigawa state of Nigeria, which is currently awaiting a final investment decision to proceed.

Commercial Solar

Completed a feasibility study deploying solar on commercial rooftops and energy management technology for a client with a portfolio of sites throughout Africa.

Reduce Carbon

Men-Dem’s experience with alternate energy schemes is extensive, driven by the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional sources. 

What our customers say…

Men-Dem’s experience in carrying out our environmental impact assessments is extensive. They collaborated closely with us from day one to develop a robust and long-term solution to the challenges we face at our generation sites 

Thanks again for another great job.

Yetunde Brown, Impase Technologies –    July 2020

Through-life thinking

We see infrastructure as systems working in harmony with the natural environment to enhance social outcomes. New projects are really interventions to existing systems. Optimising how they perform overall is vital for enabling fulfilled lives on a healthy planet. Our digital strategy guides you through this complexity with simple, problem-driven solutions supporting better decisions based on data-rich information. 

We know that most in our industry are at various stages of maturity on a journey towards new digital ways of working. We have built a unique portfolio of digital advisory services that provide practical support on that journey at all stages of the life cycle.

Clean energy has never looked so good

Together with our clients, we're solving the world's most intricate challenges. We search out the connections others fail to make, to unlock creativity and deliver better outcomes for the lives we touch every day. Engineering. Management. Development.

We believe we have the renewable energy dream team, with decades of experience across the project life-cycle – from acquisitions to development, regulatory, financing, engineering and construction through to operations and maintenance.