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Our Story

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From our humble beginnings in 2014..

We’ve come a long way in a short time and our adventure is just beginning. With decades of experience, we have a team of internal experts to take projects from conception and make them a reality. This is how we do it. 

We offer independent advice and assistance on new technologies in electricity, new initiatives, and technology options. This includes photovoltaic solar power and wind energy, electric vehicles, batteries, and smart grids - insight into the different technologies, their economics and impacts on the grid. I can also assist in evaluating impacts on energy policy, renewable energy development, renewable energy contribution to greenhouse gas reduction, and technology options. 

We specialise in the establishment and management of projects, particularly in the area of electricity markets or involving new technology and innovation, such as software, solar power, electric vehicles, battery storage, smart grids including demand response and dynamic rating.

Our People

The core experts and principals that define Men-Dem's Philosophy

Men-Dem Nigeria Limited is a small, agile team of Sustainability Consultants based in Lagos, Nigeria. We’re driven by helping you to reimagine your business or organisation. We want to inspire you to think and act differently that doesn’t cost the earth and to make choices you are proud of. And while we are committed to helping your business to be sustainable we won’t charge you the earth either.

We’re proudly Nigerian owned and operated, but bring a wealth of international exprience to share with our clients.

Special skills mean special results

Today’s world of climate change, biodiversity loss, increased regulation, resource and time constraints and pandemics can leave us all overwhelmed. Staying where we are can feel easier than trying to pick our way through the complexity of solutions, changes, pitfalls and risks.

Any organisation can count numbers and have targets and we certainly believe they are important for measuring success, impacts and changes. However, to really make organisational improvements, we believe it doesn’t start with metrics. It is about motivating people, the desire, the education and understanding of what good looks like for businesses and organisation’s in today’s rapidly changing world.  

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It’s all about our future generations. 

This is what makes us different, we are people centric, we start with you, your leadership team, and your critical decision makers.  

We will question you on what you care about, where you want to make changes and what your customers/clients want. Data, science, technology, and tools are the enablers to achieve better outcomes.

We will never tell you what you should do – our sustainability consultants will provide alternate pathways and solutions

  • We will never judge or shame you for the journey you have taken to where you are today – we will provide you with an action plan to achieve different outcomes
  • We do not want you to be fearful about change – we will help you grasp new opportunities

A pragmatic approach to sustainability

We care about the environment but are pragmatic, corporately minded and understand that there is still a day job to do, and everything must be economically viable.

Sustainable Business Leadership

Understand sustainability and its drivers in a global, national, and local context.

Commercial EV Charging Strategy

Create a long term Electric Vehicle strategy for your business and community.

Renewable Energy Diversification

Market potential, financial feasibility, competitor analysis, evaluation of policies, sales strategies, and marketing partners

EV Innovation Intelligence

Provides assistance in market research, strategy consulting and technology finder assistance for the complete EV value chain.

Solar PV Power Plants

ooftop & ground mounted solar power plants, Solar PV components, Solar CSP.

What our customers say…

Working with Men-Dem has been a delight. Their technical excellence and level of professionalism has been at best.

Yvette, GE Africa February 2020

Reduce your Environmental Impact

Would you like to explore new ways of doing things that will enhance the efficiency, resilience and overall sustainability of your business or organisation? Do you have an idea for a revolutionary new product that will make waves in an increasingly sustainability-focused market? Or perhap you’ve identified an environmental issue and you’re not sure how best to address it? Whatever your need, we’ll tailor a solution that’s personalised, relevant and practical to your business needs. 

Sustainable Energy Consultants 

When you hire a professional, you’re paying for their experience; they have provided this service thousands of times before.

Our consultants will work with you to provide a high-level energy action plan to follow, with short, medium and long-term sustainability based projects to focus on. Not only will they reduce your energy bill, they’ll also engage your employees and potentially create an income stream for your business long term.


Our team has deep experience and relationships across the financial spectrum, with proven capabilities in securing financing for unique and complex projects. Men-Dem takes advantage of market opportunities to refinance at more attractive rates and structures.